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Back Office

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Back Office

What is it for?

Storing and working with client data; documents, contact details and transaction history
To help your sales team quickly respond to clients wants and needs
For companies who want sophisticated and specialized customization
For companies who want to work with less developers. You don’t need an IT department
To free up your employees' time by reducing the steps needed to complete daily tasks
For all departments and offices worldwide to easily work together in one place
With our Back Office CRM you’ll get to enjoy automation across all departments. Save your time and increase your potential to earn more money now!

What includes

Work with clients  Work with clients

Work with clients

  • Customer registration notifications and callback requests
  • Sophisticated client categorization system
  • Current and historical client transactions on trading platforms
  • Easy management of IB and Affiliate networks
  • Mass mail or target market emails toward your clients

Work with documents  Work with documents

Work with documents

  • Storage all verification documents safely and securely
  • Important document expiration notifications
  • Notifications for daily outgoings and incomings
  • Simple UI displaying all documents that need attention

Automation and facilities  Automation and facilities

Automation and facilities

  • Built-in algorithms for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Generation of CySEC and other important internal financial reports
  • Automated e mail system
  • Translate your entire website and campaign pages into any language
  • Creation of specific accesses, tasks, and requests for all departments without leaving the CRM

Why it is valued

We have been working in forex for 10+ years, and know exactly what you need from forex CRM software to thrive!
Customizable to your needs, suitable for companies of all sizes
Huge number of tools and integrations, suitable for remote teams
Automation of many back office tasks, saving time and money
Strong IT department
Team of professionals ready to develop any solution in a short time
Technical support 24/5 and emergency support 24/7 including holidays
One of the longest standing, advanced forex CRM solutions in the industry
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
As we work with CySEC regulated companies, our forex CRM addresses the demands of the regulatory environment - phone calls can be stored, evidence that company documents have been accepted are attached to the client profile and your back-office department are automatically notified of the expiration of important client documents. We also offer the full CySEC questionnaire within our Client Area (which we update as per the circulars) just in case your marketing or compliance department missed anything.
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