If you've been lucky enough to stumble across the holy grail of the Fx industry – the IB or 'Introducer', then we don't need to tell you the value of what this person can bring to your business.

happy IB with the perfect working environment

The trick is keeping them happy! Naturally, all brokerages do this in a number of different ways, higher commissions, commission on 4th or 5th level referrals, no deposit or transfer fee's, special conditions or in some cases, even holidays! But what makes your IB stay with you if the broker next door is offering the same thing? The relationship with their account manager could be part of it, but more often than not, IBs want and need untold extras they can use to build THEIR business.

IB choosing the perfect referral program

In addition to perfect conditions, and in order for an IB to thrive, you need to offer them an environment in which they can easily create and manage their campaigns, keep a close eye on their referrals, overall volumes, and their commission, and provide them with multiple tools such as banners in different sizes and languages, and fast and accurate statistics for them to analyse how different campaigns are performing.

IB checking statistics

Within Our Client Cabinet, Fx Back Office offers your clients the capability to:

Request multiple IB accounts

See their application status for each IB account

See their IB Agreements at all times

Edit information in their IB account

Get detailed reports and performance statistics

View clicks and registrations on each campaign

Select and use an unlimited amount of banners for campaigns

We've made the IB section of the Client Cabinet easy to use and self explanatory, so your IBs won't have to call your account managers constantly in order to navigate through joining or working on a daily basis with your company, allowing them to work at optimal level from the very beginning

easy to use for IBs
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