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Partner Area

Support your IBs, elevate your business

Support your IBs, elevate your business
Every brokerage works to keep their IBs well compensated in a number of different ways; referral commissions, special working conditions or good relations with your sales managers.

But more often than not, IBs need untold extras they can use to build their business.

Our Partner’s area allows them to automate many daily processes, quickly create and manage their campaigns, keep track of their referrals and overall volumes, and easily see their commission. There are many tools and features available for them, and a clear interface allows IBs to start working from day one without training.

As simple as “1,2,3”

Using our built-in marketing tools you’ll attract new IBs easily
Create rules for each IB stating how you’ll pay their commission
Pay a commission to your IBs after each transaction
Offer your partners an incredibly powerful tool, allowing them to grow their business and find new clients

The ultimate IB toolkit

The ultimate IB toolkit
  • Allow requests for multiple IB accounts for greater flexibility
  • Track the application status of each IB account
  • Store and quickly access IB Agreements
  • Allow IBs to easily edit their information
  • Access detailed reports and performance statistics for every IB
  • Permit IBs to monitor their campaigns, clicks and registrations
  • Provide an unlimited number of banners for IB campaigns
  • Get instant notifications of IB actions for faster approval

Reap the benefits of a powerful forex partner program

Set the ground for great relationships between your team and your IBs
Help your IBs grow their business within a professional, tech-savvy environment
A quick and easy set-up and a simple UI allows your IBs to get straight to work
Allow your IBs work smarter with mass automation options, so they can use their time more efficiently
Your number one solution for introducing brokers
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