Tell us about how Fx back office began!

Fx Back office began as a pipe dream between a few extremely experienced friends who knew they could evolutionalize the day to day running of the FX brokerage business. The core team of directors involved with FX Back office have had extensive experience working for Forex brokers. The majority of our sales staff, managers and directors, have been involved in the industry since 2007.

With over ten years of experience behind them, our team fully understood exactly what a broker needed in order to operate at peak level and excel within the industry. Working in different departments including support, sales, dealing, compliance and IT, we brought our joint experience together and created a product that would not only support and maintain every day needs, but would add massive value to brokers by creating user friendly conversion tools, simple partnership management programs and a CRM and client cabinet like no other company out there.

fxbackoffice team launched their Forex CRM

Why did you decide to develop and provide a CRM for Forex brokers ?

Based on our experience, we knew we could do better than the current providers out there. Afterall, our team has developed multiple CRMS for a number of brokers, so we knew what was needed, what worked, what didn’t work, through ten years of trial and error throughout our careers. Developing your own CRM solution has a lot of problems, such as maintaining the in-house IT department where high salaries are demanded, suffering and facing issues or halting development when people are on holidays or sick leave, and if people decide to go elsewhere, being able to find, train and replace a developer who can match and compete on the same level as the previous employee(s).

Therefore, we decided to create a solution which will satisfy the current needs of Forex brokers, without these headaches. We know what tools are really needed and will be useful, so we created a solution which doesn’t have unnecessary tools and features, a platform where daily activities and conversions can be performed in the simplest manor, and where maintenance, updates and improvements are not issues.

developing CRM features

What is unique in your company and your Forex CRM solution?

There are several factors which distinguish us from our competitors. We work and deliver tasks very fast. We know the industry inside out. Our solution is flexible and we are happy to discuss and develop additions to our product with our customers. Simultaneously, we are willing to share our experience with them. We can customize our CRM, which is not something you can readily find in the market. We are extremely client oriented and are more than confident we are are big enough to cope, but small enough to care.

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