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03 April 2023

CRMs are indispensable for any forex trading business. However, outdated and restricted systems can result in missed opportunities, hinder team productivity, and incur unnecessary expenses.

The potential benefits a top-notch CRM can bring to forex brokerages are virtually limitless. From efficiently managing customer data to generating comprehensive analytics, from facilitating seamless communication to fulfilling diverse reporting obligations, contemporary CRMs provide the necessary tools to grow your business, support your clients and fulfil a wide range of reporting responsibilities.

Data, oh glorious data!

Our forex CRM is a powerful tool that enables you to securely store vital client data, including account information and KYC/AML documentation. With the CRM, you can leverage this data to generate comprehensive and customizable reports allowing you to understand exactly what’s happening in your business at any time. Data to generate comprehensive and customizable reports, gaining valuable insights into your business in real-time. The user-friendly interface allows customer service teams to access client information effortlessly, enhancing their ability to provide exceptional service. Rest assured, all your data is stored on secure servers, ensuring its safety and allowing you to impose strict internal access rules. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that our forex CRM brings to your business.

The bird’s-eye view

In addition to the immense potential inherent in your data, our forex trading CRM empowers you to closely monitor the actions of your clients. Through comprehensive activity logging, you'll gain visibility into every interaction within the CRM, including those performed by both your staff and your clients. This unparalleled level of insight enables you to swiftly comprehend unfolding developments, identify patterns, and seize opportunities or address concerns. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our CRM's robust capabilities to drive your business forward.

Remaining compliant

Reporting is a crucial aspect for forex brokerages of all sizes, and our CRM system is designed to alleviate a significant portion of your workload. Our forex CRM seamlessly integrates with top AML/KYC platforms like Muinmos, Shufti Pro and SumSub, facilitating swift and effortless client onboarding. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, your data can be utilized to automatically generate all the necessary reports mandated by your specific financial authority. These reports can be conveniently scheduled, automated, and distributed according to your preferences.

Supporting your IBs

IBs, or Introducing Brokers, are the lifeblood of any forex brokerage. A brokerage that equips IBs with the necessary tools to expand their own businesses will undoubtedly attract the most exceptional IBs in the industry. Our comprehensive Partners Area provides an unparalleled environment for IBs to thrive. Our system enables you to customize your offerings at various levels, offering a wide range of services in one user-friendly interface. From customizable marketing materials to in-depth account analysis tools, reporting, transfers, deposits, withdrawals, bespoke commission rates, and much more - we have it all covered.

Empowering your teams

All this information, from the data you hold to your understanding of how your clients are using your system, can help you identify potential opportunities. Sales teams can leverage customer information and actions to up-sell, marketing teams can understand exactly what your clients, and therefore potential clients, need and can create tailored campaigns which can themselves be created from a suite of powerful tools within the CRM and designed by industry experts.

Integrating with the best

To thrive and flourish, a modern brokerage must leverage the finest available tools. Our forex CRM, Client Area, and Partners Area seamlessly integrate with top-notch software across various sectors. This includes VoIP systems, KYC/AML programs, and leading trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5, cTrader and more. Additionally, we collaborate with over 230+ payment service providers (PSPs) to ensure streamlined payment processing and meet the diverse needs of traders. By centralizing operations within the CRM, both your teams and clients can efficiently accomplish their daily tasks, saving valuable time and resources.

Upgrade to the top CRM in the forex industry and harness its extensive range of tools and services for you and your brokers. It's time to elevate your trading game and maximize your potential.

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