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“You’re not a successful company until you’ve learnt how to use your success to help others”. 

This is a philosophy heavily adopted by all shareholders and team members  at FX BACK OFFICE- and we’re proud of it. 

This Thanksgiving, we decided to help less fortunate families and single parents who are desperately struggling in our hometown Limassol. We chose ‘People helping people’, who kindly offered to distribute food and children’s toy vouchers on our behalf. 

The initiative of this particular group is close to our hearts, as some of us have been raised by single parents, some of our team members are or have been single parents, and each and every one of us knows and loves someone who is going through difficult times right now. 

The group was founded by Mario Roussos in 2016. Mario selflessly set up this group after years of helping people quietly, deciding to utilize his network for good. Mario has helped so many struggling families get through difficult times and continues to offer his time and energy for free - where systems have failed people in need.  

It is an honor and a blessing to be able to contribute to Mario’s cause. We hope this donation raises awareness and potentially inspires our partners, clients, and competitors to support Mario’s initiative in any way possible in the run up to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year - when our people need your love the most. 

From everyone at FX BACK OFFICE, we thank you for your likes, shares, and support of this worthy cause. Together, we can make a difference.