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We have all seen the posts - witnessed the claps worldwide for our doctors, nurses, care workers, postal services, supermarket workers, pharmacists, delivery services and so many other key workers who have kept the world turning in these uncertain times. They are indeed, hero’s. In every sense of the word.

But there are unsung heroes among us. People who dedicate their lives - selflessly, and more often than not for free - who wake up at the crack of dawn to feed, walk, and maintain premises for the welfare of animals - animals which our society has left behind. There are volunteers who often donate chunks of their salaries and spend their evenings and weekends helping shelters to run- volunteers who - amidst this crisis, are unable to support the shelters as they are abiding by the provisions set out to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Luckily, the shelters have managed to stay open. They’ve found a way to combat these obstacles as they always do, but it’s not enough. We, as a society, are not doing enough.

As we want to keep our children, our parents, our family and our friends safe and healthy, these shelters strive to do the same for animals that have been disregarded like waste. The same thoughts and feelings that run through your mind when contemplating not being able to feed your child or family members who are dependent on you, are the same thoughts and feelings that run through the minds of animal welfare volunteers island wide. Can you even begin to comprehend what it must be like to survive purely on donations? To not know if you can provide refuge and shelter, or to have to turn a soul away who’s in need? Animal welfare volunteers experience this on a daily basis. The lack of control and helplessness weighs on their mental health. But they still get up to fight another day. We have nothing but admiration for them. 

To that end, the FX BACK OFFICE team has decided to donate 1000 Euros to Sirius Dog Sanctuary (a dog shelter that has been running for over 15 years in our hometown Limassol - who has rescued, re-homed, and rehabilitated thousands of dogs both locally in Cyprus and abroad) in the hope that it inspires other tech companies, forex companies, software and service providers in our industry to do the same. We call on all partners, competitors, and companies we serve to contribute to this cause and donate what you can - where you can, so our animal welfare society and the volunteers throughout Cyprus can sleep a little easier tonight. No donation is too small. No gesture will go unnoticed. If our donation and this article inspires even one company to act, we would be forever grateful.

If you’re reading this and your company needs a forex back office or forex crm provider and you decide to take our solution during the lockdown - 10% of your monthly subscription will go towards helping local shelters. Mention that you’ve read this article when you contact us and we will do the rest. #wearesirius..... are you? 

Our entire team and co-founders would like to thank animal welfare volunteers island wide for the wonderful work they do. Stay strong. We hear you, and we support you.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!