Why work for FX BACK OFFICE?

09 August 2021

FX BACK OFFICE has established itself worldwide as one of the top Forex CRM providers in the industry. It goes without saying that we couldn’t have built the product and the reputation we have without the hard work and dedication of our incredible team.

Our team has doubled in the past year - a clear indication of a stable, growing and successful company which continues to thrive even in the face of challenging times globally.

Aside from our company’s stability, established success and continual growth, we have tried to create an environment that will encourage potential employees to take that leap from where they are now, to where they’re meant to be.

Here’s the lowdown on what we offer to attract candidates looking to make that big career move:

Personal Development

Personal development is widely overlooked in the corporate world, and even more so within the tech community. In most companies, learning about yourself and growing as a person seems to take a backseat to the masses of code you need to create every day. At FX Back Office however, we like to focus on the person behind the genius.

We understand that each and every person is unique and needs something different to feel fulfilled both at work and at home. For some employees, this may mean taking a personal development course or specific NLP training. For others, it might mean lunchtime yoga or early morning enduro to get the blood pumping! Whatever it is, we support our employees and encourage them to grow personally. Happy people make happy employees and therefore - happy clients!

Better Remuneration

We instantly see potential when it’s staring at us across the table in an interview - and we aren’t shy when it comes to asking you what you currently make vs what you believe you’re worth! As unexpected as these questions might be for you, our aim is simple; to either match what you currently earn if you’re happy with it (with some extra benefits thrown in of course!) or to better what you have if that’s what it takes for you to want to make the leap, and if money is your key motivator. You’ll find that we are generous in our offering, and open to discussion. We pay well above the market, for those who are deserving of it.

Achievable Bonuses

Believe it or not, we actually want our employees to get their bonuses! Unlike most companies, we don’t set unachievable targets or unrealistic goals. Bonuses or rewards are given based on performance- but this doesn’t mean gluing yourself to your desk until 9pm each night to obtain them. Your goals and set targets can be easily achieved during working hours. We mainly try to focus on our employees having a positive attitude towards their work and our clients, which, (9 times out of 10) leads to personal goals and targets being realized.

Company Environment

Our office is not a place where blame or ridicule flourish. We don’t finger point or dwell on mistakes - we simply put them to bed and move on. We have created an environment which is warm, welcoming and supportive. Our shareholders and team leaders are dedicated to getting the best out of our team members at all times. When one person has a complicated work problem, we like to look at it as everyone has a problem, and we solve it together if need be. Even as we expand, we maintain that ‘family’ culture that so many companies lack these days. We are sympathetic to child care issues, single parent families, new parents and so on and so forth. We know that sometimes you’ll be running late, have doctor’s appointments, or sometimes you’ll just need a ‘day’. One of our employees brings her dog to work because that’s what works for her! We are all human, and as long as you’re doing your bit, we are there to support you.

Time Value

We’ve all worked in places where it’s never 9-6. As the new kid on the block you’ll stay 30 minutes to an hour later each day, only to get the eye-roll from fellow colleagues once you’re out the door. Your extra hour soon becomes an extra two or three, trying to prove you’re the hardest worker in the office, and before you know it, your work is basically your life.

This is not, we repeat NOT what we want to see at FX BACK OFFICE. Urgent issues aside, you’re contracted for a certain number of hours. We value your time and so should you. If you perpetually work late- you’ll be called in and told to start going home on time! We want you to have a balance, a social life, time to switch off and do what makes you happy. The work will always be there the next day, no matter what you get done the night before.

You will not be required to do long overtime hours or need to stay late to compete with colleagues; it’s just not the way we roll!

Professional Growth

We are very much into progression - both in terms of our product and for those who have worked to better it. It’s important to us that our employees feel like they are growing professionally. We try to achieve this is in multiple ways; in house training and limitless access to the best IT professionals in the industry; trusting them and allowing them to take initiative at work; providing a ‘training fund’ that they can use to pay for courses/further education in their specific field. Our philosophy is that a day shouldn’t go by without everyone in the company having learnt something.


If these are the qualities you’re looking for in a potential work place, we’d love to hear from you! We provide visas and relocation expenses if you’re looking at a move from abroad. Check out our career page to see the available positions we have!