Unveiling the Ultimate Forex CRM: Your Search Ends Here

14 April 2020

Choosing a forex CRM can be challenging with the abundance of options available in the market. All forex back offices and trader's rooms seem to blend together, making it difficult to differentiate. As experienced professionals in the forex industry, we understand this struggle firsthand. During your search for the perfect CRM provider, you have likely identified the key players and narrowed it down to your top three or four choices, including us.

To save you from requesting additional presentations and to spare you from endless exposure to forex CRM software, we have created this article. Here, we will highlight the outstanding features of our forex CRM and back office. Sit back, relax, and let us explain why we are the best forex CRM provider for you.

Sales features

The sales team plays a crucial role in your business operations. Finding and retaining talented salespeople can be a challenge in a competitive market with thousands of brokerages worldwide. To attract top talent, it's important to create a working environment that can meet their needs and demands. This includes providing automation, streamlined procedures, and effective organizational methods to ensure fast and efficient client interactions.

Our sales area is fully integrated with industry-leading VOIP providers, enabling automatic recording and storage of all communication in client profiles. This allows sales staff to easily recall previous conversations and stay informed before making the next call. Click-to-call buttons simplify the sales process, while instant notifications for various actions such as client assignments, margin calls, and new deposits keep your team updated at every level. Reminders can be set for individuals or for the next shift, and notes can be made on individual or multiple client profiles. Client statuses and groups help prioritize daily calls and emails, and advanced search capabilities enable sales executives to find clients quickly. Resolving client issues is just a click away in the client area.

On the management side, generating reports is effortless. Simply select the desired data and time period, and reports can be created within seconds. These reports provide valuable insights into overall sales statistics, manager performance, country-specific data, and first-time deposit statistics. All reporting data can be exported to CSV or viewed within the CRM. Save commonly used reports as templates for future use. Taking mass actions related to clients and sales reps is also possible, with options to auto-assign clients to new managers based on country, language, or status.

Maintaining data security is of utmost importance, which is why strict permissions are in place within the CRM. You have full control over what your sales team can access, ensuring sensitive information like credit card details, documents, and addresses remain protected. Customize permissions for each sales executive and save templates to apply to new team members or manage permissions on an individual basis.

Marketing Features 

In the marketing section of our product, you'll discover a comprehensive array of features designed to help you effectively attract, retain, and streamline your interactions with clients. With over 40 automatic emails featuring pre-set parameters, you'll have the flexibility to personalize them during setup.

These emails are triggered by your clients' actions, both during their initial registration and while they engage with their client's area. Additionally, your clients will receive emails for important matters such as document expirations, birthdays, and other client-related issues. You can enhance these emails by adding various images, saving templates, and even incorporating custom auto-emails upon request. From the marketing section, you have the ability to send mass emails to your clients, allowing you to target them based on country, language, status, or specific groups you've set up in the client profile area (e.g., big depositors).

Furthermore, you can send mass messages to your clients through their trader's room or client areas, and even send mass SMS messages directly from there. Whether you manage the marketing campaigns internally or through an outsourced team, our marketing section enables you to easily set up campaigns and incorporate banners in multiple languages. Each campaign you launch will provide you with comprehensive statistics, offering insights into the number of clicks, registrations, and deposits generated through each link.

This data empowers you to precisely identify the source of your clients, whether they registered manually, transitioned from a lead to a client, or were acquired through a marketing campaign or API integration.

IB/Affiliate System 

Our forex IB/Affiliate system is truly exceptional, and we don't make that claim lightly. After years of dedicated development and extensive experience in the forex industry, we have created a platform that caters to every IB or Affiliate, regardless of their unique approach.

Let's start with the basics. You have the flexibility to enable or disable clients from becoming an IB, whether it's for specific groups or individuals. By enabling the IB feature for your clients, they gain access to the IB dashboard in their Client's Area. During the setup process, you can choose the IB Program they wish to apply for. Once confirmed as an IB/Affiliate, their IB dashboard becomes visible.

The IB/Affiliate dashboard offers a range of features. Your IBs/Affiliates can easily track the origin of their clients through a transparent multi-level tree. They can monitor the performance of their sub-IBs or direct IBs, as well as view each client's deposits and trading volumes. A quick glance at the top of their dashboard provides a summary of their commissions, while a detailed breakdown is available upon request. Additionally, your IBs/Affiliates can manage their campaign links and access company banners directly from their IB area, eliminating the need for your sales or marketing teams to provide them.

All commission calculations are automated, and a comprehensive history of your IBs/Affiliates is stored in their client profile under the IB section. Generating reports and working with data on a large scale has never been easier, providing valuable information for management.

Reporting System 

Reports can be a major source of frustration for employees, whether they're daily, weekly, or monthly. Without the right system in place, issues like inaccurate data reporting, scattered information, or the need for manual report generation can arise. Luckily, our forex CRM system provides all the necessary tools and more to streamline both internal and external reporting. Internally, you can effortlessly generate reports on various metrics such as FTDs by manager, FTDs by country, deposit and withdrawal amounts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, newly registered clients within specific time periods, and even a scalpers report, among others.

We have also designed external reports, particularly beneficial for EU regulated companies, offering compliance with CySEC, MiFID 2, and quarterly statistical requirements. Creating capital adequacy reports based on available data will become a breeze compared to your current process. Moreover, our custom reporting feature empowers you to extract any data from our CRM and organize it as you wish. Should you require it, we are readily available to create specialized report templates and provide training at no additional cost.

Customer Service 

Being the best forex CRM provider worldwide is not just about the product itself. It's about providing exceptional support and customer care. At FX Back Office, we understand this and have taken steps to ensure that we are always there for you. We offer multiple channels for you to connect and contact us. During the setup process, we provide you with emergency contact numbers that are available 24/7. In addition, we have a Skype assistance service in place for quick questions, clarifications, or training. 

To further enhance our support, we have implemented a ticketing system. This allows you to raise questions about custom development and track the progress of your custom requests. Moreover, our ticketing system can be used to report potential emergencies. Rest assured, our dedicated tech team is always on hand to promptly address any issues you may encounter.

At FX Back Office, we believe in providing comprehensive and reliable support to ensure your success. We are committed to being by your side every step of the way. With our expertise and experience in handling Forex brokerages of all sizes and providing services for hundreds of companies worldwide, you can trust that you’re in safe hands.