Second Lockdown? Tips for Success in Remote Work and Sales

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22 October 2020

No matter where you work, it's likely that you successfully navigated the first lockdown with remarkable ease. You adeptly arranged your work-from-home setup, maintained connections with colleagues, participated in video conferences, and expertly managed to keep the kids occupied without losing your sanity.

With local lockdowns being implemented in various countries and COVID-19 cases on the rise once again, it appears that a second lockdown is imminent. However, it's important to recognize that surviving a second lockdown will present unique challenges compared to the first one. There will be little room for error or complacency, as companies will tighten their financial belts and carefully evaluate the contributions of each employee. Technically, we should all be prepared for a second lockdown with our laptops, internet connections, and online lessons in place. Yet, it's crucial to understand that merely surviving a second lockdown and truly thriving during it are two distinct endeavors. If we aspire to see our companies emerge successfully on the other side, we must actively contribute to their growth and prosperity.

Here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of working from home as an employee or in a managerial role, by using FX Back Offices Forex CRM.

Stay connected.

There are various ways to stay connected with colleagues and management within our CRM. When dealing with teams in different countries or time zones, relying solely on Skype, Zoom, or conference calls may not suffice. That's why we introduced 'Tasks.' By creating a task, you can gather the necessary employees and management and engage in written discussions. Each comment added to the task will be highlighted until you review it. You can prioritize tasks and set reminders for long-term assignments. Tasks visually demonstrate your active involvement and interest in team discussions, something that may not be evident during a call. Moreover, tasks provide a means to revisit and recall important information and assignments, promoting better organization.

As we learned from the initial lockdown, staying organized at home poses its own challenges. In the event of a second lockdown, staying on top of things becomes crucial. With this in mind, we developed the 'Reminders' section, aimed at facilitating delegation. You can effortlessly set reminders for yourself, colleagues, senior management, or entire departments without the need for lengthy phone calls or detailed explanations. Setting reminders showcases your initiative and attention to detail, two qualities that are especially valuable in the event of a second lockdown.

Improve your sales performance.

If you work in sales, now is the perfect time to focus on improving your performance. Utilize our Forex CRM solution to identify high-value depositors, track client deposit frequency, take action accordingly, identify dormant clients, and monitor your top-performing IBs. Our CRM offers a wide range of reports and customizable filters to help you gain valuable insights. Take this opportunity to explore our CRM in-depth and utilize the available help desk on each page for assistance.

Keep in mind that if your company uses VOIP services, all your calls are recorded and stored within the CRM. Make sure to deliver your best on every call and strive to end each conversation on a positive note. In the current uncertain times, traders are experiencing anxiety, and everyone's mental health is affected, especially with the possibility of a second lockdown. Your managers will take note of how you handle calls, and your positive impact might just secure your career.

Market yourself.

Marketing yourself has a dual meaning in this context. Your company will require increased marketing efforts and may need to adapt strategies or focus areas. As an employee, it is also important for you to concentrate on gaining more visibility. Regardless of the department you belong to, your ideas hold significance.

Having worked in FX companies for over a decade before establishing FX back office, we witnessed that some of the best marketing ideas often originated from compliance/HR or the accounting department. Now is an opportune moment to contemplate what your clients desire and vocalize your thoughts. Our CRM provides numerous avenues to promote your company. You can send mass emails to clients, targeting different regions, languages, or account types with diverse concepts. Internal messages can be tailored based on various criteria. Specific individuals can be reached when they are online or using the client area. Revamping IB banners and campaigns is also an option. Performance-based incentives can be provided by meticulously tracking clicks, registrations, and IB activities. Additionally, new automated emails can be set up and customized. The possibilities are endless. If you haven't explored the marketing section of our CRM solution before, now is the ideal time to familiarize yourself with it.

Get into Reporting.

Are you noticing an increased focus on numbers from your management team? It's only natural given the global situation. Our CRM system offers multiple reports, making regulatory reporting easier with provided templates and a custom reporting tool. Save reports as templates, create custom reports using CRM data, and reach out to our team for help with generating specific reports. Visualize data with graphs for a more intuitive experience. Become your company's go-to person for vital information by familiarizing yourself with our reporting system. 

As a manager, tough decisions require data-driven insights. Our reporting system provides performance statistics, working hours, activity levels, and logs to confirm mistakes or negligence. Leverage available data for performance evaluations and promotions. 

With an impending second lockdown, it's time to showcase your skills and excel at your Forex company. Our Forex CRM system makes it easier for you to thrive, even in challenging times. Reach out to us for extra training or to explore other areas of our system. We are here to support you as your trusted Forex CRM provider!

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