Thu, 10/22/2020 - 09:57

Second lockdown? How to stay on top of your game using FX BACK OFFICE CRM

Wherever you work, chances are you passed the first lockdown with flying colors. You managed to organize your work from home, connect with your colleagues, hold or be party to video conferences, and keep the kids busy without losing your sanity!

However, with local lockdowns occurring throughout a number of countries and COVID-19 numbers going up again, it seems like a second lockdown is imminent - but surviving a second lockdown will be very different from surviving the first one. There will be no room for error or complacency- companies will tighten their purse strings, and what each and every employee brings to the table will be evaluated carefully. Technically, we should all be ready for a second lockdown- Laptop (check), internet connection (check), online lessons (check). However, surviving a second lockdown and thriving during one are two completely different things. You need to help your company thrive if you want to see them on the other side.

Here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of working from home as an employee or in a managerial role, by using Fx Back Offices Forex CRM.

Stay connected.

There are a number of ways to keep in close contact with other employees and management within our CRM. If you have teams based in different countries or time zones - Skype/zoom or conference calls to keep on top of things might not work. We created ‘Tasks’ for this reason. You can create a task, add the employees and management personnel needed there, and discuss your ideas in written form. Every time a comment is added, your task will appear in bold until you open it. You can set priority levels so the most important tasks are pinned to the top, and set reminders for yourself to prepare something on longer-term tasks. Tasks are a great way to visually show your team that you’re active, interested, and participating in discussion. During a call, you may not get that opportunity. Tasks are also a great way to go back and recall what was said and needs to be done or delegated, allowing you to be more organized. As we learnt from the first lockdown, being organized at home has its challenges and if a second lockdown occurs, staying on top of things is crucial. We created the ‘Reminders’ section with delegation in mind. You can set reminders for yourself, for a colleague, for senior management, or for an entire department in a few seconds, without having to get hold of them on the phone or explain things in detail. Setting reminders shows initiative and attention to detail. If in the case a second lockdown emerges, these are definitely some of the finer qualities you want to be adhering to or demonstrating to management.

Improve your sales performance.

If you’re in sales, now is the time to really focus on your game. Use our Forex CRM solution to identify your big depositors, to find out how often your clients are depositing (and take action based on that), identify whether clients have become dormant, and to track and trace your most active IBs. There are so many reports available to you and so many different ways to filter information within our CRM solution. Take this time to delve deeper into our CRM and use the help desk available on each page to assist you. Remember that if your company uses VOIP services, your calls are recorded and stored within the CRM. Make sure you are giving your best on every call, and try to end your call on a positive note. Traders are anxious right now and with the prospect of a second lockdown, everyone’s mental health is affected. Your managers will notice how you conduct yourself on a call, and, if you’re having a positive effect, it might very well save your career.

Market yourself.

‘Marketing yourself’ has a double meaning here. Your company will need to market itself more and more in the coming months and may need to change strategies or focus. But you, as an employee, should also focus your efforts on getting noticed more. Whichever department you’re in - your ideas matter.

We worked in Fx companies for over ten years before setting up Fx back office, and we saw that sometimes, some of the best marketing ideas came from compliance/HR, or even the accounting department! Now is a great time to really think about what your clients want and voice your ideas. You’ve got numerous ways to market your company within the CRM. You can mass e mail clients and target different regions, languages or account types with different ideas. You can send out internal messages based on different criteria. You can target people when they are online or using the client area. You can create new banners for IBs and overhaul your current IB campaigns. You can track every click, every registration, and every IBs activity and give new incentives based on performance. You can set up and customize new automated emails, the list is endless. If you haven’t paid attention to the marketing section of our CRM solution before, it’s the best time to learn.

Get into Reporting.

You might’ve noticed that your management team is paying attention to the numbers now more than ever. Reports might be requested from you more frequently, which is only natural given the situation worldwide. There are multiple reports available for you in our CRM system. Regulatory reports are made easier due to the templates we provide, and with our custom reporting tool you can create a report using any data you have within the CRM. You can save reports as templates to use for later, and if you need a specific report which you don’t know how to generate - our team is here to help. Reports can also be shown in graph form if you’re looking for something more visual. Familiarize yourself with our reporting system and become your company’s go-to person for vital information.

If you’re in management, tough decisions always need to be made, and again, our reporting system can assist you with that. You can see your employees’ performance statistics, working hours, and activity levels. You can also check logs to confirm mistakes or negligence. There’s a lot of data available to assist you with decisions regarding performance or promotions.

With a second lockdown on the horizon, now is the time to really out-do yourself and show your Forex company what you’re made of. Employees will need to work faster and harder than ever, but with our Forex CRM system we’ve made it easier for you to thrive. If you need extra training, or want to be shown other areas of our system, as your Forex CRM provider we are here to help!

Contact us today for re-training or to learn something new.