The importance of customers

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16 August 2022

Finding customers is hard.

But keeping them? Turning them into loyal followers of your brand? That’s even harder and it requires a lot of work.

Cutting through the noise of a crowded market is becoming increasingly difficult. We’re constantly distracted and our attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, much like that of a fly. You’ve got a limited window in which to attract a potential client, or customer and you’re facing stiff competition.

Studies have shown that you have approximately 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention online. We’d like to confirm that, but we had something else to do.

On top of that, a recent report highlighted that acquiring a new customer is around five times more expensive than retaining an existing client.

The point is, we need to keep our existing customers happy, we need them to keep coming back.

Creating a loyal customer base

Creating a loyal customer base is challenging, and needs to be considered on a number of levels. Here, we’ll highlight some approaches businesses can use to support and retain their existing customers.

Build trust

Clients are looking for platforms or services that they can trust. Reliability is key, as any downtime results in lost revenue. That’s one of the reasons why we’re proud of our CRM. Our experienced team have created a stable system that results in little downtime. In the event of a problem, we’ve got a dedicated customer support team to address any client issues.


Loyalty programs are proven to incentivize repeat business. Offering rewards for prolonged use, or repeat buys is a simple way to build loyalty. You can create programs incentivizing long term use, repeat buys, or engagement with social media platforms, the options are endless.

Provide the tools they need

Regardless of the business you’re in, providing your customers with ways to make the most of your service, or grow their own business, is a must. Our forex CRM allows brokers to create custom contests and campaigns to drive engagement and interest, thereby helping them to earn more and to gain business.

Offer a great customer experience

Before our clients even engage with our forex CRM, we’ve already put in a lot of the hard work in creating a great customer experience. Our brokers’ marketing team can leverage our built-in algorithms to create unique, targeted campaigns and their sales teams can take advantage of our client categorization system as well as using custom triggers to create notifications for when a trader takes a certain action. Clients are always demanding better functionality, and you have to give it to them or risk losing their business.

Move with the times

As we said, customers are always looking for more, the latest and greatest on the market. If you don’t adapt, you’ll lose business. This is one of our strongest points; our CRM and back office tools are entirely customizable. If a client wants a new feature, or service, perhaps one that’s tailor made for their business, we can add it to the system. We’ve never stood still, we never will.

Highlight your USP

Your unique selling point is what makes you stand out from the crowd. You want your customers to immediately think of something when they talk about your brand, or when your service pops into their head. What is it? What makes you stand out?

We think we’ve got two USPs: Firstly, our CRM is completely customizable. If a client wants an addition, we can do it, so we can provide systems that do exactly what the client needs. Secondly, we’ve got amazing customer support. Our dedicated dev and support teams work with clients to overcome any issues they have and to develop new features they might want. There’s more to it, but that’s two USPs, that’s pretty good.

The takeaway

Whatever line of business you’re in, customer retention is vital.

Finding new clients is always a challenge, and they’re hugely expensive to find when compared to retaining existing clients.

Existing, happy clients are also more likely to refer others to you, to make repeat purchases and to buy your premium products.

So. Value your clients. Do everything you can to help them grow their business, provide the tools they need to do their job, incentivize them, adapt to their needs, create a USP and offer exceptional customer support.

It’s a challenge, that’s for sure. But if you’re in the forex industry, we’ve got a CRM that we’d like to point you towards…