I bet you didn’t know a CRM could do this!

01 August 2022

CRMs or in this case, forex CRMs, are often seen as necessary evils.

A great place to store data and client records, sure, but they’re also often archaic and complex to navigate and use.

However, contemporary CRMs can often offer much, much more than a frustrating user experience and an enormous database, they’re incredibly useful tools.

Our fully customizable forex CRM and back office system offers a wide range of tools and services, all designed to make your life easier. Our modern UI and intuitive software opens up countless possibilities that’ll smooth out your workflows and let you focus on making money.

Here are just a few of the benefits our CRM and back office tools offer:


  • Notifications when a new client registers, allowing you to immediately and easily contact them
  • Automatic notifications when a client requests a call back
  • Automated emails for a variety of tasks
  • A detailed, granular client categorization system to help your sales team
  • Automatic notifications when important documents are set to expire
  • See all your client’s transactions on the MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms
  • See your daily outgoings and incomings
  • Generate important internal financial reports and CySEC reports
  • Easily manage your IB and Affiliate networks
  • Built-in algorithms for creating targeted marketing campaigns
  • Tools to quickly create mass or targeted marketing emails
  • Translate your website or campaigns into any language
  • Create tailored accesses, tasks and requests across all your departments from within one CRM


There are more, there are hundreds of tweaks, adjustments and processes that will speed up your work and result in a much more satisfying, useful experience. But, if we talked about all of them, you’d be scrolling forever before you reached the end of this post, and who’s got time for that?




Request a demo and discover what FX Back Office’s revolutionary CRM and back office tools can do for you!