FXBO’s New Logo A Symbol of Innovation

10 May 2024

FX Back Office (FXBO) is excited to announce its dynamic rebranding initiative, showcasing a fresh visual identity that symbolizes our dedication to innovation, reliability, and putting our clients first. This rebrand highlights our journey of eight years filled with dedication, progress, and success in the forex CRM industry.

At the heart of our rebranding effort is our desire to accurately reflect our company's ethos. Our new logo, a blend of technological expertise and sleek design, mirrors the quality and functionality of our product.

"Our rebrand is not just about a new logo. It signifies a narrative that extends through our services and experiences, embodying our operational shift, advancements, and our unwavering commitment to service excellence," says Dmitriy Petrenko, CEO and Co-Founder of FXBO.

The reimagined FXBO logo vibrates with energy and movement, reflecting our continuous quest for progress. It symbolizes our team's agility and adaptability, qualities that have shaped our forex CRM system. Andrei Sozonov, CIO and Co-Founder, adds, "Our rebranding goes beyond a visual makeover. It celebrates our past achievements and boldly states our future goals. As technology revolutionizes financial services, our logo represents our pledge to harness innovation for our clients' advantage."

Vasiliy Sokolov, CTO and Co-Founder, emphasizes, "Our rebranding is a comprehensive transformation affecting all customer touchpoints. We're committed to creating a cohesive and synergistic brand experience across all digital platforms and service interactions." Our rebranding strategy ensures a consistent and unified brand presence.

The new logo underlines our ongoing efforts to evolve with industry trends, market demands, and, most importantly, our clients' needs. Serving over 200 brokers and boasting more than 350 integrations, FXBO is more than just a forex CRM.

It offers user-friendly tools, simple partnership management programs, a client area, and a CRM system that saves time and money for brokers, allowing them to focus on retention and new client acquisition.

Thanks to its high level of automation and customization options, FXBO stands out as the ultimate forex CRM solution.