FXBO stands with the Cyprus Autism Society 

24 April 2024

FX Back Office takes a stand with the autism community, proudly announcing our recent donation to the Autism Society. This action reflects our steadfast commitment to raising awareness and providing support for individuals and families dealing with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in contemporary society.

Based on statistics from the Cyprus Autism Society, it was observed that 8 individuals (1%) were born during the period 1969-1980, 26 children (5%) during the period 1981-1990, 77 children (14%) during the period 1991-2000, 144 children (25%) during the period 2001-2010, and 313 children (55%) during the period 2011-2020. According to these data, a rapid increase in autism cases in recent years is evident. Undoubtedly, this increase is related to better public awareness and education, improved access to medical services, timely diagnosis and intervention, and better diagnostic tools being used. 

Additionally, if we observe the gender of individuals with autism, we confirm that the likelihood of autism occurrence in boys is approximately four to five times higher than in girls, as out of a total of 568 individuals, 118 (21%) are girls and 450 (79%) are boys. 

It's important to note that the above data only concern cases monitored by the Support and Counseling Program of the Cyprus Autism Society. Certainly, there are several cases that have not been addressed to the Association. 

"Our unwavering commitment to support the local community as an established Cyprus based company- in the hope that our donations can make a difference to the people we walk on the same soil with every day." says CEO Dmitriy Petrenko. "Supporting the Cyprus Autism Society aligns with our goal to contribute meaningfully towards enhancing awareness and understanding of ASD." 

The rise in autism awareness and better diagnostic methods have led to increased recognition of the condition. Yet, recognition is just the beginning. It's crucial that we focus on creating supportive environments and ensuring access to vital services, enabling those with autism to thrive. 

In conclusion, FXBO's support to the Cyprus Autism Society underscores our dedication to making positive change in the lives of those affected by autism. As we advance in our mission for broader awareness and acceptance, we stand united with the autism community, championing a world where everyone is appreciated for who they are.