FX Back Office: A user-friendly CRM

18 April 2022

To say they’re a necessary evil might be taking it a step to far, but there’s no doubt that badly optimized, or overly complicated CRMs are a hindrance to businesses.


Having your staff wrestle with a system that doesn’t do what they need it to, or that’s so complicated that they need a ‘cheat sheet’ to do their job, is a major issue across a wide range of businesses.


We’ve designed our CRM in a way that avoids the most common complaints levied against CRMs. With our systems, you’ll be able to save time and avoid headaches.


Below are a few of the most common issues with CRMs, none of which you’ll experience with FX Back Office.


1.      Poor user experiences

A slow, or unreliable system is a bad system. It’s that simple.


There’s often a disconnect between helping sales teams make sales and creating a system that helps them do so easily. If it’s not easy to use, you’re wasting time, if people have to wait for information to appear, or upload, then the system is failing. Systems should be intuitive and easy to use.


Happily, we’re able to offer a free demo of our system. You can request access to a trial here.


2.      Endless data entry

CRMs are supposed to save you time. But entering endless streams of information is time consuming to say the least. The end result is that staff see the system as a barrier to getting work done.


The answer to this is automation.


Our systems allow you to create automatic emails, notifications on document expiries or when a client needs a call-back and much, much more.


Let our system handle the data and notification side of things and get your people back to doing what they do best.


3.      A lack of integration

CRMs are designed to manage your data, but if your staff have to switch between programs to get their work done, they’re wasting time.


Our systems are designed to integrate with a wide range of tools including VOiP solutions to communicate with clients and KYC tools. All of this can be done within FX Back Office, meaning that your staff don’t have to jump between different programs, speeding up their work and reducing frustrations.


4.      Unintuitive systems

If it takes forever for your staff to understand how a system works, then it’s too complicated. Your staff will become demotivated if your CRM is too hard to use and may avoid using the powerful features it offers, or become frustrated while trying to do so.


Our forex CRM is entirely customizable and we’re proud to say that it’s intuitive and easy compared to other systems on the market.


5.      Inflexibility

A system that can’t adapt to your needs will severely limit what you can do with it. You need a system that can shift to handle different sales paths, or complex administrative processes.


Our flexible CRM lets you create different paths, or pipelines that will help you deal with clients that have different requirements, allowing you to do business in a multitude of different ways.


With us, you can adapt quickly and efficiently.


6.      Doesn’t help with leads

Data by itself isn’t terribly useful.


However, data that’s used to help create leads is vital. Our CRM can help you create sales campaigns and manage outreach programs to generate more business along with generating ideal client profiles to help your teams.


The added bonus is that much of this can be automated, further speeding up your processes.


7.      Limited reporting

To be truly useful, a CRM has to leverage the data it contains through a wide variety of reports. Many don’t do this, or they produce reports that are overly complicated.


Our CRM allows you to customize your own reports, giving you enough information to be useful, without overloading you and wasting your time.


Discover exactly what your data can do for you, and then use that information to your benefit.


8.      Monitoring, not assisting

Many CRMs are full of checks and mandatory forms.


While we understand that there are good reasons to monitor access to your system, we know that this can often be frustrating and time consuming.


As a result, our CRM features simple monitoring and permissions tools that allow you to tightly control what’s happening in your system.


Of course, it’s entirely customizable.


Business, the way you work


The takeaway from all of this is that you need a system that works the way you work.


Our CRM is fully customizable, allowing you and your teams to operate in the manner you want.


Don’t waste time with complex, unintuitive systems that force you to change how you do things.



Contact us today and request a demo, you won’t regret it.