FX Back Office partners with Centroid Solutions

16 January 2023

Limassol, Cyprus - January 16, 2023 - FX Back Office, a leading forex CRM and back-office technology development company based in Cyprus, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Centroid Solutions, a Dubai-based fintech innovator specializing in bridging connectivity and Risk Management Systems for multi-asset financial institutions. 

This groundbreaking collaboration provides brokers seeking a multi-asset connectivity engine with access to the powerful solutions offered by both companies, enabling them to establish or enhance their brokerage offerings. 

 "We are delighted to unveil our partnership with Centroid Solutions," said Dmitriy Petrenko, CEO of FX Back Office. "Centroid's offering is unparalleled in the industry. The connectivity options that our clients will benefit from following this agreement are second to none, and we are excited to offer our international brokerages yet another suite of tools to take their business to the next level. This partnership represents another significant step towards providing our clients with the very best services and solutions.

Cristian Vlasceanu, CEO of Centroid Solutions, added, "FX Back Office is an industry leader in CRMs and back-office tools for the forex industry. We are thrilled to establish this partnership and are confident that brokers worldwide will greatly benefit from our products. We believe that we offer a unique package, and working with FX Back Office will allow both companies to grow and expand while offering world-class products to international brokers.

About FX Back Office: 

FX Back Office began as a visionary idea shared by a group of friends with extensive experience in the forex industry. Recognizing the potential to revolutionize the day-to-day operations of FX brokerages, the core team of directors, who worked across various departments including support, sales, dealing, compliance, and IT, combined their expertise to create a product that not only addresses the everyday needs of a brokerage but also adds tremendous value by providing user-friendly conversion tools, simple partnership management programs, and an unrivaled CRM and client cabinet. 

About Centroid Solutions: 

Centroid Solutions is a fintech innovator specializing in risk management, quantitative analytics, connectivity, complex execution strategies, and P&L optimization for multi-asset financial brokers. With a complete suite of technology solutions and infrastructure designed to help brokers optimize their business performance, expand their product offering, and facilitate business growth, Centroid Solutions empowers brokers to thrive in an ever-evolving market.