FX Back Office and Muinmos Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Forex Broker Services

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14 March 2024

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Danish RegTech firm, Muinmos. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to revolutionize client onboarding, KYC procedures, and CRM solutions for FX brokers worldwide.

The integration of Muinmos' advanced KYC solutions into FX Back Office's (FXBO) CRM platform enables clients to streamline the onboarding process for financial institutions. By leveraging Muinmos' cutting-edge technology, FXBO empowers brokers with a more efficient, compliant, and user-friendly approach to client management.

Dmitriy Petrenko, Managing Director of FXBO, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its role in driving innovation and excellence within the Forex industry. "Our strategic partnership with Muinmos underscores our commitment to reshaping the landscape of client onboarding and KYC procedures" said. "By integrating Muinmos' advanced KYC solutions into our CRM platform, we are empowering businesses with solutions that are not only more efficient but also compliant and user-friendly."

This partnership promises to deliver added value to brokers by consolidating client onboarding and back-office processes. With easy access to a comprehensive solution, brokers can minimize the need for custom integrations and maintenance, ultimately reducing time to market.

Remonda Kirketerp-Møller, Founder and CEO of Muinmos, emphasized the mutual benefits of the partnership. "Our integration meets brokers' demands for a seamless and efficient solution," said Kirketerp-Møller. "By partnering with FXBO, we are providing added value to our clients, enabling them to streamline their operations and focus on client retention and growth."

This partnership between FXBO and Muinmos represents a significant step forward in driving innovation and efficiency in the Forex industry. As brokerages continue to navigate evolving regulatory requirements and client expectations, this collaboration promises to deliver a seamless and compliant solution that meets the demands of modern brokerage firms.
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