FX Back Office and Acuity Trading Collaborate for Enhanced Synergy

22 December 2023

In a groundbreaking development poised to reshape the landscape of the forex brokerage industry, FX Back Office proudly announces its strategic partnership with Acuity Trading. This collaborative effort is set to redefine the user experience for brokers, combining the strengths of FX Back Office's robust CRM solutions with Acuity Trading's cutting-edge AI data-driven trading tools. 

FX Back Office, a leading provider of forex CRM solutions, has gained acclaim for its comprehensive CRM, client area, and back office offerings, serving over 200 brokers with more than 350 external integrations. Boasting features such as a multilevel IB and affiliate area, customizable options, and scalability for managing multiple brands, FX Back Office's CRM is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly tools in the forex industry. 

The strategic alliance aims to enhance brokers' access, analysis, and utilization of crucial financial news and information. Acuity Trading's advanced analytical tools seamlessly integrate into the MT4/5 trading platforms, providing brokers with innovative features such as Analysis IQ—a powerful plugin that combines human expertise with AI-driven technology for in-depth market analysis. Additionally, the AI-powered Economic Calendar, Asset IQ, and News IQ leverage diverse data sets to offer brokers unified global perspectives and unique trading opportunities driven by media coverage. 

Leveraging Acuity's refined Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, FX Back Office empowers brokers with enhanced decision-making clarity, ushering in a new era of advanced and efficient experiences for its clientele. 

This strategic collaboration is poised to benefit both FX Back Office's existing client base and new brokers, with a targeted focus on key regions such as Cyprus, LATAM, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The aim is to provide an unparalleled level of support, user experience, and analytical capabilities that will position brokers for success in the dynamic forex market. 

As the forex industry evolves, the FX Back Office and Acuity Trading partnership stands as a testament to innovation and commitment, ushering in a new era of excellence in brokerage services.