Don't Risk Your Client Data: Prioritize & Control with FX Back Office

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22 January 2021

When running a Forex company, it's crucial to prioritize knowing the whereabouts, storage, and access of client data. Unfortunately, data ownership and control are often overlooked during brokerage setup or data migration. We've encountered instances where clients were unaware of their data storage, access, or even experienced data loss. It's important to address these concerns.

During past migrations, we noticed delays in granting full access rights, especially when clients expressed their intention to switch providers. Some clients were hesitant to request access to their own databases, fearing intentional data destruction or harm by the provider before migration. These fears were unfounded legally, but the lack of control can trigger such thoughts.

Additionally, many clients provided data in Excel, which made sorting through and understanding hundreds of fields challenging, particularly when facing deadlines for CRM migration. It's not an easy task.

While some companies offer data storage and management services, it's essential to consider the risks. Entrusting an external company with full control over your client data can be problematic if the relationship turns sour. It's crucial to have complete access and control over your data. The costs associated with losing or lacking control over your data far outweigh any potential savings.

At FX Back Office, we prioritize transparency and trust. Your client data is stored on a separate server that legally belongs to you, and you have administrative access at all times. We will never cut access or control your data. If you decide to create your own CRM or switch providers, we will provide access to your client data without complications. We value honesty and integrity, and that's why hundreds of forex companies choose us.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your client data safe and secure with our outsourced CRM provider.