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PAMM, or Percent Allocation Money Management, is a system that allows clients to invest their capital through a specific manager, rather than through a brokerage.

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Percent Allocation Money Management

You need PAMM if...

Your clients want to place trades, but they don't have time
Your clients are not confident in trading, but they have the funds
Your clients want to diversify their trading risk by investing in accounts with different strategies
PAMM systems allow clients to profit without placing the trades themselves. The client invests into a PAMM account and leaves the trading up to a professional manager.

The client’s side

The client’s side 1
To invest into a PAMM system, the broker’s client needs only to select a manager. Selecting a manager allows them to access a more detailed outline of the manager’s strategy. To do this, all they need to do is go to the PAMM menu and select a suitable manager under the accounts tab. There, the client can find:
  • A list of fees
  • The minimum deposit value
  • The manager’s open trades
  • The length of time the manager has been trading
  • The amount of money they are trading (broken down into their clients’ money and their personal investments)
  • How many people are connected to that particular PAMM account
  • The manager’s performance statistics
The client’s side 2
Clients can also see risk assessment criteria, including:
  • Customize multiple onboarding workflows
  • Leverage a simple registration process with full KYC
  • Utilize our built-in questionnaire and appropriateness test
  • Automate scorings with different outcomes
Once the client has decided to invest, they simply click on their PAMM manager of choice and transfer their investment funds. The account will then automatically be added to the PAMM manager’s pool.

The manager’s side

The manager’s side 1
Managers can create PAMM accounts using a form in their Client Area from within the PAMM menu.

They must describe their strategy, set a commission rate, choose their currency, leverage and minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts and decide upon a nickname that will be used within the PAMM system.

Once this information is submitted, the brokerage will be able to see their application and approve it through the back end.
The manager’s side 2
Once approved, the new PAMM account will be added to the list of PAMMs that your traders can choose from.

PAMM managers can choose to set the PAMM account to private if they wish to trade for a small number of select individuals, or make the account available to all.

The broker’s employees will have full control over which PAMM accounts are added to the list of managers available for investments, ensuring that no strategy goes unchecked and that accounts can only be accessed by clients with the brokerage’s approval.

Implementing PAMM

Create a PAMM
Gain manager’s
Start trading
with PAMM

If the brokerage is already using our CRM, integrating a PAMM system is simple and can be live within days.

As with all our products, the PAMM system can be customized upon request.

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