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B2B solutions

Our B2B CRM is packed with a range of smart solutions to help manage customer relations, sales and after-sales, data processing, marketing and reporting.

From automated email and instant client notifications to powerful filtering tools, automatic report generation and more, our B2B CRM allows businesses to understand their client base, and their relationship with individual clients, like never before.

Leverage our powerful tools to grow your business and improve your client relationships

Instant notifications
Get instant notifications whenever a new client registers with you and quickly and easily reach out. Notifications can also be created whenever a client requests a call back.
Automated emails
Create a wide range of automated emails. Quickly and efficiently contact clients when action is required or update them with time sensitive information.
Client categorization
Sort and filter your clients with an infinite choice of parameters. Instantly understand the needs of your customers and the potential for further sales with specific categories and tags.
Client history
See your history with any client and their actions within the CRM. Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with the client and foresee their needs.
Document storage and notifications
Safely store client related documents and attach them to the client profile. Notifications can be created and automatically sent when important documents are expiring.
Daily outgoings and incomings
Easily monitor your daily outgoings and incomings by filtering what you want to see on your home screen. Important notifications are also displayed there so you won’t miss a thing!
Automatic report generation
Automatically generate important financial reports, both for internal and external use. Use our ’custom report’, which works with all the data in the CRM, to create any report needed.
Targeted marketing campaigns
Use our powerful built-in algorithms to create targeted marketing campaigns and generate impactful messaging with ease, for existing clients and leads alike.
Mass and targeted emails
Send out mass and targeted emails to your clients or send email campaigns or notifications to select clients, in just a few clicks. Manage everything effortlessly in one place.
Task management
Create detailed, tailored accesses and permissions for tasks and requests across all your departments and offices worldwide, without ever having to leave the CRM.
With our powerful B2B CRM, you’ll gain a full overview of your client base, benefit from our excellent reporting tools and grow your business, all while improving your relationships with your existing clients.

Top reasons to choose our B2B CRM

Create a customer feedback loop to improve
customer support
Respond to customer queries quickly
and efficiently
Increase sales and improve customer
Increase efficiency amongst your employees by automating everyday tasks
Decrease your IT and development
spending budget
Decrease sales and marketing costs by improving your sales cycle
Manage multiple businesses from one centralized system
Keep employees and clients happier by running your business more smoothly in general
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