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Tiered Loyalty Program

Support your clients, reward their success, and help them generate income with our innovative tiered loyalty program. Request a demo
Tiered Loyalty Program

Why do you need a loyalty program?

Tiered Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program takes client retention to another level, differentiating us from other Forex CRM providers. We designed this program to help you attract and retain customers, long after they start trading with you.

The system is a tiered, customizable scaling program designed to reward traders for trading more frequently, by giving them points which can be redeemed for real cash.

Who benefits?

Traders get rewarded for placing trades by being given points. Points can be redeemed to receive cash and crypto. The more you trade, the more money you make.
Brokerages can attract new clients and retain existing ones through a clear, simple reward program. This will reduce client turnover and drive profits.
Ibs can use the loyalty program in addition to your standard benefits and IB tools to attract even more clients to your brokerage.

How it works

Traders earn points for every trade they place. The more trades the trader places, the more points they receive. As they gain points, they climb a scaled system, and their rewards increase.
Once a trader accumulates a certain number of points, they advance to the next level. They might start as an ‘Associate’, progress to a ‘Trader’ and then to an ‘Expert’, for example.
The higher the level, the higher the multiplier applied to the number of points per trade — meaning that a consistent ‘Expert’ trader will earn more points per trade than an occasional ‘Associate’ level trader.

Additional benefits

Real money
A trader can ‘cash-in’ their accumulated points to receive payments in either fiat or crypto
New referrals
Traders can refer other traders to the loyalty program (and therefore your brokerage) to earn additional points
Client loyalty
Top traders will continue to be incentivized, as they earn more points the more they trade
Full branding
The badge icons, number of points needed to get to the next level, and the level names themselves can be fully customized
Stand out
You’ll have something that other brokers don’t — a unique and modern way to attract new business

Transparent, safe
The system is simple to understand and is administered by the brokerage, meaning that it’s entirely secure
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